What we offer


As an attractive employer, we offer great career prospects supported with training and development opportunities, applicable to any career you embark on. We have designed bespoke training programs specifically for employees who show potential and a desire to achieve and progress. As well as offering exciting career paths and personal development programs, we also offer appealing benefits. Alongside competitive remuneration packages, we also offer such benefits as the use of company cars, potential for incentivized overseas trips and free access to Würth events and Company museums. Each subsidiary will also offer its own personal benefits, however, as part of the Würth Group family you can expect to receive such common benefits, shared by all Group companies, such as, discounted prices on products and health and sport offers.


We prepare you to take personal responsibility


We offer careers that reward performance and encourage development through support, training and stewardship. We support you within you role to work effectively, we train you to develop your skills to potentially progress and we steward you in achieving success, these aspects are present within every one of our companies and career opportunity’s worldwide. However, to be successful and achieve the best possible results both personally and for the company, we will prepare you to take personal responsibility, with you showing the desire, commitment and dedication to your job role.

We will help you show these characteristics, with support from us with training and development, thus the potential to achieve and progress can become a reality. Success and achievement also brings freedom and trust. Many of our current managers are promoted from within, this is due to a strong trustful partnership being developed between the company and the employee, through shared work ethic and commitment. Make us the company that supports your aspirations. Take a look at what we can offer.


Safe environment to evoke potential


Safe environment

Job security is of paramount importance to any employee around the world, within any sector or industry. Due to the Würth Group’s continued expansion and economic success, we offer secure employment with every career opportunity. We offer a long-term working relationships to everybody who is dedicated and committed to their work and wants to accompany the Würth Group family on its way to success. We pride ourselves on our support networks, with management providing guidance to assist employees every step of the way.


The secret behind it


We are a family owned business, even with our global size and number of employees based internationally, we consider all employees family. This is a mantra shared by our valued employees, no matter which company, which country, which sector or career you choose, we are all as one and share the same values and aspirations. Every one of our companies and its employees practice these basic principles: promoting achievements and giving freedom and liberty; passion, optimism, self-assertion and persistence; responsibility and respect and the one principle we consider most important of all, giving thanks where thanks is due. If you share these same values, a career within the Würth Group could be the right fit for you.

The secret behind it

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