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Too good to be true? Do not only take our word for it, see what our employees from different compaines internationally have to say about their careers, to prove that everything we have to say is a reality. Please see for yourself what being an employee of the Würth Group really means and make your own judgement, we trust you will believe our words. We want to show you that what you have read so far is not mere theory, so we have asked some of our current employees what the Würth Group means to them. Get to know them and their very personal views on the Würth Group.


Overview of the Interviews


Want to find out what being an employee of the Würth Group is like? We have interviewed some of our employees from different companies from around the world, to give you a taste of what you yourself could potentially be experiencing in the near future. Click the pictures below to get to know our current employees and their views on working as part of the Würth Group.


Interview with Employees of Würth Canada

Our colleagues from Würth Canada give insights

Our colleagues from Würth Canada give you an insight into their work and show you what it is like to work for Würth. They particularly appreciate the solidarity among each other and the support of their colleagues.

Rebecca, Social Media Manager, and Alberto, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Würth Italy

Alberto told us that he joined Wuerth Italy as a search engine marketing specialist eight months ago. He works on different projects, and likes the flexibility and independence he has. Rebecca is in charge of all of Wuerth Italy’s social media channels. She didn’t expect to find such a young work environment.

Interview with Rebecca and Alberto, Würth Italy
Interview with Stefan Jahnke, HSR GmbH

Stefan Jahnke, Regional Manager, HSR GmbH

Stefan Jahnke has worked at HSR GmbH, a Würth Group company active in the Hydraulics industry, since 2006. Stefan loves the creative freedom he has in his job and the high regard the Würth Group has for all its employees.

Christoph Ladurner, Regional Manager, Würth Italy

Christoph Ladurner has been working for the Würth Group for 23 years. His career path took him from Italy all the way to China. He really appreciates the fact that the Würth Group has always invested in him, and that it gives each employee the chance to grow professionally in a merit-based system.

Interview with Christoph Ladurner, Regional Manager, Würth Italy
Interview with Nimnadi De Silva

Nimnadi De Silva, Product Manager, Würth Canada

Nimnadi De Silva loves spending time with the Würth products and she is very proud of them. Delivering good products means a lot of hard work and a lot of collaboration, but she likes how everybody (almost!) always does it with a smile. Another thing she enjoys about working for Würth is that in Würth Canada they are a big group of friends, and they also do things outside of work together.

Moreno Forlin, Sales, Würth Italy

Moreno Forlin of Würth Italy is part of the WYN-G project (Würth Young New-Generation), an on-the-job training program of 7 months to get to know all the different aspects of Würth Italy. Listen to what he has to say about his typical workday.

Interview Moreno Forlin, Sales, Würth Italy
Interview with Holly Kapke, Würth Timberline Fasteners

Holly Kapke, Operations Manager, Würth Timberline Fasteners

Read Holly Kapke’s story. Over the past six years she has been able to work her way up from an entry level position to an Operations Manager of Würth Timberline Fasteners in the USA. However, there is still a lot for her to learn, and a lot of potential for growth which is one of the main reasons she is motivated to continue working for Würth. Working for Würth isn’t just a job for Holly, it has become a career that she is passionate about.

Loris Baldo, Head of Product Development of the Modyf Group

Read what Loris Baldo, Head of Product Development of the Würth Modyf Group and CEO of Modyf Italy, had to tell us about his 25 years in the Würth Group and why he still loves his job today.

Interview with Loris Baldo, Würth Italy

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