Interview with Loris Baldo, Head of Product of the Würth Modyf Group and CEO of Würth Modyf Italy

What does the company you work for do?

The Modyf Group with locations in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Norway is specialized in the creation, production and distribution of workwear and safety shoes. Our main goal is to create quality products that make the lives of workers easier.

What is your typical working day like and how does your work contribute to the company’s goals?

As head of product of the Würth MODYF group, it is my job to look for new ideas on the market and develop new products that our competitors don’t have. The goal is to come up with safety shoes and workwear items that can work for all our different markets, from basic products to top products. It’s easier to sell products that are unique, as the sales arguments are more about design, functionality and comfort rather than price. With the right unique products, the product department can help the group reach our turnover and gross profit targets.

How did you get where you are today?

I started in Würth Italy in 1992 as product trainer. Then, in 1997 Modyf was founded in Germany and Italy. At the time, I was looking for a new challenge, so in 1998, I decided to join Modyf and try to develop it on the Italian market. In 2013, on top of my job as second CEO of Modyf Italy, I also became the Head of Product of the entire Modyf Group.

What 3 things do you love most about your job?

  • I love working in an international environment, with colleagues and suppliers from all over the world
  • I love being able to create new things
  • I’m never bored.

What was your highlight project you were able to realize at Würth?

When all the different Modyf companies joined to become the Modyf Group in 2013 and I was appointed Head of Product of the entire group, we only had about 5% of products in common. Everybody was developing and selling their own products, which meant a decrease in our purchasing power. Today, 77% of our global turnover is done with the same products. I’m very proud of this achievement, especially because it was done in a very short time and with very little investment.


Life at Würth


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