Interview with Holly Kapke, Operations Manager, Würth Timberline Fasteners

My name is Holly Kapke, and I work for Würth Timberline Fasteners in the USA. Working for Würth Timberline over the past six years has been extremely exciting for me! I have been able to work my way up from an entry level position, to where I am today as an Operations Manager. Würth Timberline is a fastener distributor, although most of our business is here in the US, we supply fasteners to customers all over the world.

Working as an Operations Manager, I get to work side by side with our Director of Operations. We have several branches throughout the US, and I am the main point of contact for all branches when they have any trouble. I also assist in supporting the branches in whatever needs they have. I work out of our main DC in Commerce City, Colorado. When I’m not too busy providing support for our branches, I’m working on improvements and efficiencies that can be implemented company-wide. Those improvement and efficiencies include tracking metrics and working alongside department managers to see where Opportunities for Improvements are needed. Another exciting part of my job is working with managers to find strengths in our employees and developing plans to help them grow their skills within the Würth organization.

I started at Würth in an entry level position with no experience in the industry. It was very intimidating coming into such a large company, but I knew that I carried the right tools for success and had a good leadership team to help me succeed. Management at Würth did a tremendous job in training me and helping me grow to become who I am today. For that, I am forever grateful of the support that Würth offers employees. Thanks to that support along with my dedication, my career has advanced over the years to where I’m at today.

Working for Würth, I continue to look forward to future opportunities. There is still a lot for me to learn and a lot of potential for growth, which is the driving force for me to stay the course with a company that dedicates so much time and training for their employees. Working for Würth isn’t just a job to me, but it has become a career that I am passionate about. Würth is always investing in their people - sending them to classes, conferences, schools, all so they can advance their careers. I am currently enrolled in the McWürth program which is a business school that exposes and familiarizes you to each department in a business. Würth is always listening to our ideas and gives me the freedom to implement some of my ideas to improve our processes. Working for a company that has the potential for growth, invests in their employees and listens to their employees - now that is a great company to work for!

The highlight of my career so far has been working with all of our branch managers. Me being able to help them when they have a concern or a problem and making sure they have all the resources they need to service customers as well as building a relationship and trust with them is hands down- my favorite part of working for Würth. Würth has found some extraordinary people and has made the same investment in them as they have in me, which makes all of them a great pleasure to work with.


Life at Würth


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