Interview with Stefan Jahnke, Regional Manager at HSR GmbH


Stefan Jahnke has worked at HSR GmbH, a Würth Group company active in the Hydraulics industry, since 2006. Stefan loves the creative freedom he has in his job and the high regard the Würth Group has for all its employees.

Stefan Jahnke HSR
Working at Würth Group-HSR GmbH

Mr. Jahnke, could you please briefly introduce yourself to our applicants?


My name is Stefan Jahnke. I am sporty, 52 years old and I live in a wonderful patchwork family with four successful children in Cologne. I have been working for HSR in Germany since 2006. I am now Regional Manager for the West Region and Technical Manager, and I am also responsible for the training center.


What does HSR GmbH do exactly?


We are an international service provider for connection technology in hydraulics, specializing in hydraulic hose assemblies and pipes. There are limited points of intersection between our work and the Würth Group’s core business. The range of services HSR provides for industry, transport and construction include a fast 24-hour emergency call-out service to a customer’s premises or to 65 HSR branches throughout Europe, preventive maintenance and the provision of all that’s needed to solve problems within hydraulic systems.


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your job.


I work in a very structured way and plan my tasks and deadlines for the long term. Nevertheless, I give myself leeway so I can react to particular requirements. I love going to work every day. I am a very predictable person and my identification with my employer positively shows. I love communicating with colleagues, employees and customers. Good customer appointments or good staff meetings are the success that gives me fresh motivation each and every day. I am a passionate service provider. I therefore do my bit each day to ensure that HSR remains one of the leading providers of hydraulic services on the market in the future, too.


Could you describe your first few weeks and months at the Würth Group?


It was a very intensive time for me because right at the beginning of that period I set up a new HSR branch together with another new colleague. In addition to building the branch and setting up the team, we had to attract our first customers. The spirit of HSR - something that is still unique today - really helped me. All employees support each other and are very solutions-oriented in the way they work. We reward success - and celebrate it in a fitting way.


How did you get to your current position?


At Würth, regular development discussions are standard. During these discussions, I was able to tell my manager about my personal visions right from day one. In return, I have always received open and fair feedback from my manager. The faith shown in me and the high level of freedom have allowed me to take career steps within HSR: Initially I was branch manager, then inter-branch manager and now I am Regional Manager and Technology Manager with responsibility for the HSR training center all rolled into one. But recognition from my employees was important to me. My employees value me because I am an authentic individual. I earned this recognition from active collaboration. I know my colleagues’ work as well as the requirements of our customers, right down to the last detail.


Why did you choose the Würth Group as an employer?


The fact that HSR is part of the Würth Group was not the main reason for me to join at the time. To be honest, I only realized later on just how much of a positive influence the corporate culture at the Würth Group - which we also experience at HSR - would have on me and my daily work. At an initial internal leadership seminar at the Würth Academy at the Group headquarters in Künzelsau, I got to know what it means to belong to a large family-run company and how many opportunities this brings with it for each individual person.


What three things do you love about your job and working for the Würth Group?


What I particularly love about my job is the day-to-day contact I have with a wide range of people. I also like the fact that I have an awful lot of freedom to arrange my own working day and that each employee at the Würth Group experiences the same recognition and can always make a contribution; that is really important to me.


What is your personal highlight when undertaking your work?


HSR is a dynamic, growing company and so we regularly welcome new colleagues into our team. A highlight for me is the whole recruitment process: appointing, welcoming the new employee, the training plan and mentoring them. This is all reviewed and constantly improved on. HSR is friendly, modern, personal, structured and transparent to new colleagues. It’s very important that new colleagues feel just as happy as I still do after 10 years at the Würth Group. I think this is something quite special.


Life at Würth


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