Jobs for Professionals and Specialists


We offer a broad array of specialized positions within each company. Dependent upon the scope of each company’s business, we excel in searching for motivated individuals to fulfil the responsibilities in each department. E-commerce, Logistics, IT, Customer Service, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Marketing are specialized functions that we are continually advancing in, meaning filling these roles is just as important to us as our sales network.


Working in E-Commerce

With technology continuously evolving the way our customers search for, research and purchase our products and services, there are a number of roles we have on offer within E-commerce to cater to this, to ensure we stay at the forefront of our customer’s needs. Such roles we have on offer include Search Engine Marketing Specialists, Digital Media Managers, Digital Marketing Executives and Email and Content Executives to name but a few. There are many roles that we offer in the forever expanding remit of E-commerce, however, all share the same goal, which is that of optimizing our online and digital presence and service within the industry.

The use of technology plays a huge part in our success, this is achieved through our invaluable IT staff who ensure we stay up to date with technological innovations and that we stay connected every day to our IT systems, which support our infrastructure. We offer such roles as IT Engineers, IT Support Advisors, and IT System Analysts as well as others. A career with us in IT is stable and innovative as we are always looking to advance and expand. Competitive salaries offered.

Working in IT
Working in back office

We are always looking for new talent within our internal functions within Customer Service, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Marketing. Such roles within Customer Service, Finance and Purchasing include: Customer Service Advisors who ensure our customers can obtain helpful advice on products, services and processes if needed; Accounting Staff who ensure that our own and our customers finances are in order; and Purchasing Staff whose role is to source our products competitively working within budgets and plans. We also offer roles in Human Resources and Marketing such as Product Managers.


Jobs for specialists at Würth

Life at Würth


Want to find out what being an employee of the Würth Group is like? We have interviewed some of our employees from different companies from around the world, to give you a taste of what you could potentially be expierencing in the near future. Click the pictures below to get to know our current employees and their views on working as part of the Würth Group.


Searching for a job in sales? Discover working in sales in the Würth Group


Working in Sales

Our sales force is the heart and soul of our organization with almost half of our employees being sales based. One of our particular strengths and a key to our success story is the system of direct selling. Approximately 34,000 permanently employed sales based employees all over the world advise our customers and see to it that they are offered product solutions tailored to their needs as well as optimal services. Thanks to our specialization through a wide array of industries and divisions, every sales employee is a competent contact in his/her line of business, ensuring individual advice.