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Working in Sales of the Würth Group


Working in the sales force

Our sales force is the heart and soul of our organization with almost half of our employees being sales based. One of our particular strengths and a key to our success story is the system of direct selling. Approximately 34,000 permanently employed sales based employees all over the world advise our customers and see to it that they are offered product solutions tailored to their needs as well as optimal services.

Working as a specialist


Working as a specialist

We offer a broad array of specialized positions within each company. Dependent upon the scope of each company’s business, we excel in searching for motivated individuals to fulfil the responsibilities in each department. E-commerce, Logistics, IT, Customer Service, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Marketing are specialized functions that we are continually advancing in.

Competence, quality and closeness to our customers are the foundation of our business. A big part of this is achieved through our global sales force, however, as well as sales positions, we also offer a vast array of careers in other areas, to support our mission of providing the best possible service to our customers. We pride ourselves in finding the right candidates to fill our positions, requiring expertise in certain fields. Whether you possess the correct know-how and experience already, or are looking for a new challenge, you will be sure to find your role within the Würth Group.



Vacancies in sales

A professional service delivered through sales is what drives our business and has assured our continued success. Almost 34,000 sales representatives around the world are already reaping the benefits of being employed in a sales environment within our companies. All of our almost 34,000 sales representatives are permanently employed.

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Vacancies in E-Commerce

Technology has had an undoubted impact on today’s world, with business being no exception. We are continuously improving and adapting our service to our customers with e-commerce at the forefront of providing different routes to our customers online. Are you an innovator that could help us in our mission to make our route to market as diverse as possible?

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Office Jobs

Working in the office of a Würth Group company

Our success would not be possible without the expertise of all our different internal departments. They range from the sales offices to our marketing and communication departments or our product and purchasing specialists, who are always keen to bring new ideas to the market. We also have financial and accounting personnel who check that our accounts are up to date and accurate, and of course, there are HR departments.

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Vacancies in IT

IT of course plays an integral part of any business, we are no different. To support our global network of companies, we continuously need IT innovation, intuition and expertise to provide us with fast, effective support to ensure we stay active and reliable. Do you possess these characteristics and experience?

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