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We rate education extremely highly and support the qualification of up-and-coming staff. If you are currently studying at University or college, or if you have recently graduated and are looking for your first professional role, we offer Internships, Traineeships and Entry level jobs to support you. For us, the development of employees is one of our fundamental future-oriented duties, as we recognize the importance of investing in enthusiastic individuals, as you are the workforce of tomorrow. Education and training is, therefore, a priority in the Würth Group. We teach not only knowledge and expertise, but also promote your social skills and personal development.

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Students and graduates at Würth

Internships - Our internship programs will allow you to apply your classroom studies and gain experience that will prepare you for a career in your chosen profession. If you are attending University working on obtaining a degree and are looking for an internship program to help support your future carrier path, our vast network of companies specialize in many different areas, meaning we are sure we can offer the right internship for your development.

With a diverse number of industries we are able to offer students a variety of programs in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and IT to name a few. You can expect real work assignments that will put your studies to good use but also challenge you and prepare you for your future career.


Students and graduates at Würth

Traineeships & Entry level jobs - If you are a recent graduate that is looking for a program to further develop your skills within a role where you can learn on the job, before embarking on a fulltime career, or if you feel that you are ready for your first professional career to make use of your recently attained qualifications, then we are the company that can help you launch your professional life.

Our Traineeships offer individuals the chance to further learn and develop their skills within a role while earning, with the overall objective of becoming a competent and experienced member of staff over a set period of time, supported every step of the way, ready then to succeed. Moreover, we offer Entry level jobs where you can start your career straight away in a mentored, intuitive environment, before building your experience and confidence to then progress.


We also offer employees various programs to train alongside your job and further hone your qualifications and development. In Germany, Akademie Würth has become firmly established, where we offer business orientated seminars through our own Bachelor of Arts programs. A ‘BA’ degree can be gained after three and a half years of study. Akademie Würth also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Business in cooperation with the University of Louisville, USA. These programs are forever growing and are available to applicants outside of the Würth Group also.


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