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If you are currently studying at school, however, also have your eye on the future, then we can offer you some valuable and intuitive lessons to compliment your studies. If you need help with those first steps in thinking about your professional life and if you are looking to gain experience to prepare yourself for it, then we can offer you a chance to discover what working life is all about. We understand that taking the step from school life into working life can be a tough one, we also understand the importance of the youth of today, as you are, after all, the professionals of tomorrow. This is why we offer Summer job placements and Work experience, to people still completing their studies. By offering these opportunities, we can help you gain experience and a better understanding of where you want your career to start, or if you want to take further studies into a certain field. After you have completed one of our placements, who knows? We may even have a career waiting for you, when your studies are finished.

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Summer jobs placements – if you have some summer months free in between studying, then why not join us in one of our many office based summer placement roles. We have placements available in most of our internal functions, such as Marketing, Customer Service and Finance, where you can gain invaluable experience on working life and stay one step ahead of your classmates. You will learn professional skills in a professional environment, which will aid you in your development as an individual and potentially also help you in deciding what further studies you which to pursue, or which career you wish to embark on after your studies are completed. Our Summer job placements offer excellent opportunities for school students to gain essential life skills.

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Work experience – if you are unable to commit to a whole summer placement, we can also offer you work experience opportunities that do not require a full term. These time periods offer you a short snapshot to show you the essentials of what to expect within a busy working environment. Here you will learn an overview of what working life is all about, while also having the opportunity to get involved and experience professional life first hand. Along with our summer job placements, our Work experience opportunities offer invaluable life skills to help you with your development.


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