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We know how important it is to have good leaders that inspire productivity and drive their team to success. That’s why we offer comprehensive training for our managers to make sure they are prepared to not only have a successful team, but to also inspire their teams to be motivated, productive and efficient. Most management positions within our companies are filled with new talent from within the organization. To support employees in this career step in the best possible way, we have initiated through our Business Academy, three development programs: MC Würth, the High Potential Program and the Top Potential Program….Ready for executive responsibilities? We let you build your own career!

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The Würth Potential Program prepares up-and-coming employees for responsible positions in middle management, this is a hands on course designed to challenge employees who show promise to build and prepare them for management positions. The High Potential Program is designed to develop existing supervisors and managers on their way to upper management levels. This course is a very challenging, yet a rewarding experience designed to really test employees resolve, while teaching them invaluable lessons and setting development targets along the way. Finally there is the Top Potential program which aims to develop managers to be ready for top management positions in the company. This course is designed to find the next directors of the Group.

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Christoph Ladurner, Regional Manager, Würth Italy

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